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Cali Fit UK is an Andover based calisthenics club with a twist!

We combined the principles of endurance and competition training and mixed it with calisthenics for a well balanced system that allows you to learn advanced skills, build muscle and burn fat whilst having a fun experience!

Please check out the website and we look forward to hearing from you....


Opening Hours

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Tuesday - 7pm - 8pm 

Wednesday - 6-7pm 


Our Coaches

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Representing Calisthenics Basingstoke and the UCG( United Calisthenics Group), Lucas has gone on to compete as a calisthenics athlete in some of the UKs top events. Taking his experiences and using them to help others achieve that and more is now the key focus. 




John is a committed coach and PT, with a passion for helping others

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Meet Lauren! Lauren is our newest coach to Califit and will be taking the women’s Cali classes from April the 10th. 

Lauren is an accomplished calisthenics athlete who has been involved with multiple big events over the last few years.

She offers a unique style of coaching and will help many achieve their goals in fitness.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve Got Questions—We’ve Got Answers

Do I need experience to join?

Experience is always a good thing but it is not essential to starting calisthenics! We work with complete base level clients and help them work their way through the progressions of each exercise.

Where is the gym and is there parking?

The gym address isWest Portway Industrial Estate Brunel Gate, 20, Andover SP10 3SL

The gym has its own parking out the front 

Do I save money if I pay monthly direct debit?

Yes that is correct! If you sign up to one of our monthly memberships, you can save quite a lot of money!

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